KET Announces Equity Statement... Music for All!

affiliate chapter of the Organization of American KODÁLY Educators



The Kodály Educators of Texas are committed to the inclusion of all people. By honoring and celebrating our differences with openness and respect, we pledge to make safe musical spaces for our members, guests and students. We strive to promote respectful inclusive music education practices and authentic music making to enrich the lives of the children we teach. 

As Kodály says, 'only the best is good enough for a child.'

The board of the Kodály Educators of Texas expects all board members and presenters of KET workshops to be exemplary representatives of this statement.

About Us


Kodály is a philosophy of education and a concept of teaching. It is a comprehensive program to train basic musical skills and teach the reading and writing of music. It is an integration of many of the best ideas, techniques, and approaches to music education. It is an experience-based approach to teaching.



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